Our Philosophy

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Mission Statement

Arthur Frederick Community Builders works with partners in aboriginal communities to relieve poverty in North, Central, and South America. Dedicated to small-scale community development, AFCB undertakes projects to supply basic infrastructure in the following areas:
  • Water treatment
  • Sewage systems
  • Energy supply
  • Housing
  • Agriculture
  • Health care
  • Education


Strong and healthy communities, in which the people value human dignity and diversity and have the basic infrastructure adequate for the health and well being of their inhabitants.

We believe
  1. That each person and community is unique and valued
  2. That all individuals have a right to freely choose and fully participate in all aspects of community life
  3. That people have a right to receive support in their own community
  4. That people have the right to physical, emotional, spiritual and social well being both individually and as a community
  5. That everyone has a right to education
  6. That the first step to poverty reduction is through basic infrastructure
  7. That we have a responsibility to contribute to an environment that helps reduce poverty
  8. In the United Nations universal declaration of Human Rights

We value
  1. We value diversity
  2. We value social justice
  3. We value access to adequate resources
  4. We value self-determination
  5. We value integrity
  6. We value partnership
  7. We value accountability
  8. We value transparency

In order to implement these beliefs and values we:
  1. Form Partnerships
  2. Collaborate
  3. Advocate
  4. Fund raise
  5. Undertake projects

Policy: - AFCB serves communities by invitation only

Arthur Frederick Community Builders works by invitation and in partnership with the communities we serve. Projects are carried out in response to the needs expressed by the villagers. AFCB employs local labour and purchases local materials to assist with stimulating the economy and empowering the people.

– AFCB practices religious and political neutrality

It is understood that Arthur Frederick Community Builders has a responsibility to remain neutral towards various faiths, non-religion and politics. AFCB does not seek to influence religious or non-religious persons or communities. AFCB’s neutrality guarantees the freedom, respect, dignity and the enjoyment of the rights of people who live in the communities in which we work.