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Here are some links to sites presenting a variety of information about Chiapas. But before you leave our site we hope you will consider making a donation to our work. Thank you.

Sueniños: An organization which runs an after school program aimed at improving and extending education and nutrition of the poorest children in the displaced communities near San Cristóbal, Chiapas.

Amigos de San Cristobal:  A volunteer organization that raises fulnds for non profit groups serving Chiapas most disadvantaged people.


Quest Internacional: An educational organization promoting personal journeys with those who experience life in the third world. Our classrooms are the streets, homes, and work places of Mexico. Our teachers are the poor and their stories are our textbooks.

La Casa de Las Flores: An educational and recreational centre for Working Street Children.

Abrazos: A Canadian based voluteer organizaton that serves impoverished people in Oaxaca and Chiapas Contact

Madre Tierra:: Please see grant recipient for information

Travel Chiapas: A rich source of information on Chiapas, well organized and very interesting. Information specific to Chiapas. Lots of information here.

Mexican Textiles: A display of the various ancient textile patterns of the different Mayan groups.