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Have you ever dreamed about making a positive, lasting improvement in the lives of people who are in difficult circumstances?  Are you concerned that offers of help too often diminish the independence and dignity of those receiving them?

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Arthur Frederick Community Builders is a small organization which has developed a very successful system of providing assistance to people by involving them from the outset of each project.  They have demonstrated that it is possible for individuals to lend a hand.

Indeed, in a few short years this small group of highly committed people have been changing the world for numerous indigenous communities in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.

Through fundraising activities and concerted effort on the part of the board members and volunteers, AFCB has managed to build schools and basketball courts; to build water treatment facilities for numerous villages; to dig wells and catchment areas for preserving precious water supplies; and to bring desperately needed medical supplies and services to groups with minimal access to either.

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